"Áras Chois Fharraige is... a happy place with content residents, very mannerly and helpful staff and I find that the relatives are very positive about their loved ones care in this home. When you enter the Áras, you feel the welcoming atmosphere created by a caring staff and happy residents. From my experience in the management of our elderly, it is a difficult job, be it at home or in a nursing home and it takes great care and attention to do this work. This care and attention is present and evident in Áras Chois Fharraige.​
​ "We hold residents meetings every 2 months which allows residents and their relatives to express their views and opinions on matters within the home, make proposals and to distribute relevant information from nursing home management. The owner and management are totally open to to all queries, suggestions and information on all issues of care. These meetings last for approx 1 hour. They are well advertised in advance and residents and relatives are invited to attend. Meetings are minuted and recorded and the agenda is very full with a variety of issues on each agenda."
"Patients / relatives have opportunity to speak to managemnt, the owner and advocates (voluntary people who act on behalf of the residents) – I myself am an advocate since 2013. I have also assisted management of the Áras to register all of their residents to vote in elections and also allowing residents to vote in house in the nursing home at election time as requested by HIQA. I am employed by Galway County Council on a part time basis to register the public vote. I am also on a committee, Cairde Áras Chois Fharraige, which organises fundraising events to raise money for extra actvities within the nursing home."

"I have visited the nursing home on many, many different occasions for social events/meetings and I have never been aware of any allegations of misconduct, nor have I seen any form of wrongdoing or any conduct unbecoming of a resident or tension amongst staff. As a local person involved in community activities, such issues, should they arise, would normally come to my attention. I would be known widely in the area through my community activities and I feel that, due to my voluntary work in the nursing home, relatives would contact me if they had any concerns. I have not received any reports of wrongdoing from any resident or relative." 

Cairde Chois Fharraige 
Áras Chois Fharraige has a Committee of Residents & Relatives called 'Cairde Chois Fharraige' to promote social activities and interaction with the local community. This committee is part of an active Management Committee made up of Residents & Relatives for consultation on all aspects of the operation of the home.

The chairman of the Residents' Committee has remarked on the "excellent care environment" and "happy residents" at the Áras.  Read his letter below:

The Chairman of the Residents' Committee is an independent advocate on behalf of  residents. He has been a Peace Commissioner for 20 years and a Manager of the local community development organisation. He has been involved in community development in the local area, Cois Fharraige, for 25 years. He is also a volunteer on many local committees, such as child care and community alert for the elderly. He has lived in the area for over 40 years. Apart from his voluntary role as chairman of the Residents' Committee he has does not have any connection to the management or ownership of the home. He was not known to the management before taking up this role. 

 "Caring staff" and "happy residents"

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